Gajar Ka Halwa


Servings -3 Person

Preparation Time – 20 Minutes


1.5 Cup grated carrot

2 tbsp Ghee (Purified Butter)

4 tbsp fresh milk

4 tbsp sugar (Adjust as per taste)

4 tbsp Milk Powder (Adjust as per taste) – used Nestle milk powder

1 tsp cardamom powder (Fresh)

2 tbsp chopped dry fruits (Cashew Nuts, Almond and Pistachios)


  • Heat ghee in a wok
  • Sauté the grated carrot in the ghee on medium heat for 2 minutes until carrots are well coated with ghee
  • Add fresh milk, cover the wok and cook the carrot until soft. Stir in between and ensure it does not burn
  • Once carrot is soft open the lid and evaporate the excess water residue if any
  • Add milk powder stir well
  • Add sugar stir well, sugar will release water so keep on stirring until all the water is evaporated and sugar is well combined
  • Add 1 tbsp chopped dry fruits, mix well and switch off the gas
  • Serve hot and garnish with the rest of the chopped dry fruits


  • You can replace milk powder with Khoya (Semi-solid thickened milk) or full fat milk
  • If you are using milk ,cook the carrot in milk and keep on stirring until all the milk has evaporated and follow the above instruction to complete the dish
  • You can store this in fridge in airtight container up to a week. When you want to serve, just microwave and serve hot
  • If you want to cut out shape , cook the mixture for another couple of minutes until it is thick, grease a plate with ghee, spread the mixture evenly and cut out as per your desired shape and serve

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